April Fool

U-Power x Atalanta
Integrated campaign

The U-Power x Atalanta project is a co-branding project developed with the launch of a fake news on April 1st, April Fool's day. The "incredible" news was: "ATALANTA TRAINS IN THE BUILDING SITE WITH U-POWER", referring at the Bergamo building culture and the imminent restructuring of the Bergamo Stadium.

Some photos and video contributions posted by the leading players (Papu Gomez, Gollini, Palomino and Masiello) started a TEASING action on the web.

A fake sport reportage service was produced: Atalanta players warm up in the field between bricks and trowels, concrete mixers and shovels, always following the safety required on a workplace and wearing U-Power footwear.

The reportage was launched on the news of the major networks and it also reached the printed media, on full pages of "Gazzetta dello Sport", "Corriere dello Sport", and other sport-related magazines.

The video quickly became viral on social media, with memes and gifs.

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